Jason LG

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HALF PAST MY SIN (HPMS) is a Massachusetts-based modern hard rock band with a strong melodic presence and driving beats like that of Sevendust, Disturbed, and Gemini Syndrome to name a few. The new album “4:44” that I co-produced features a powerhouse ensemble of talent with Jason M Arigoni (Sinn) on vocals, Dan Zavadil on bass, Jason Bittner of Shadows Fall on drums, and Ben Carroll of RA on guitar. Clint Lowery of Sevendust also appears as a special guest co-songwriter. Jason is one of those musicians you’d be lucky to have a chance to work with. His raw talent really bleeds all over whatever he is doing, and his personality just makes him such an easy guy to collaborate with.  He majored in Vocal Performance at Music Tech in Minneapolis, MN, now known as McNally Smith College of Music.