Misery Kills


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Emerging from the Long Island, NY heavy metal scene this decade, MISERY KILLS is a group of individuals who prove that not only is this feat possible, but once achieved can lead to even greater discovery and appreciation for the scene and those around them.

Band founders and brothers Joe and John LoCasto contemplated the idea of starting a heavy metal band in the mid-nineties out of their shared love for the genre. Self-educated and severely influenced, the band started out as many groups: jamming with friends in their basement and taking influence from heavy Guns N Roses and Pantera. Vocalist John LoCasto cites Axl Rose as being one of his first inspirations to become a vocalist, but once John heard Pantera and Philip Anselmo’s unique style, it inspired him to sing and perform heavier styles.

“Working with Joey Z as our producer is an awesome experience,” asserts bassist Joe LoCasto. “It is a thrill because I am a huge Life of Agony fan and he has always been one of my favorite guitarists.  Joey puts his heart and soul into everything he does and pulls the best out of all of us during both pre-production and recording sessions. Joey really captures the sound and feel that we are looking for.”

website: www.miserymusic.com