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No Wake is the musical outlet of Eli Nowak, a songwriter/musician based out of the New York/New Jersey area. Eli has performed and recorded over the past twenty years in a variety of New York/New Jersey-based bands and collectives, including DocFlo (formerly known as John Ho), Nozekas, and One Night Fall. He has appeared on a number of independent releases, including having provided lead vocals with the band The Donkey Punch on ‘Tribute of the Year’, a Faith No More tribute record released on Underground, Inc. in 2002. The most recent self-titled record by No Wake was written, performed, and recorded by Eli and mixed by Bobby Torres at Fright Box Studios in Clifton, NJ. The record is comprised of an amalgam of musical styles, but mainly consists of rock with heavy roots, pop hooks, and a post-punk delivery. No Wake’s most recent single, “Lonely” is the first of many to be recorded by Joey Z. at Method of Groove Studio.