Present & Future…

Can’t believe it’s been a year since the storm already… I have to thank so many friends, family, fans, studio owners, music gear endorsers, and music foundations, for the outpour of support I received after loosing the studio.  This year has been amazing.  The doors that have opened since MOG “went under”, has been magical.  You can’t be afraid of change.  It helps growth and discovery.  I even feel that the studio may have been holding me back a bit.  I do have to say though, I really did love MOG, and it helped in so many different ways.   But, having the opportunity now to record clients out of any location is exciting and fun.  The studios have been great!!  My production skills have broadened.  I am comfortable and efficient under any circumstances.  One session this year that comes to mind was the one with Blondie.  Man, was she cool.  I was honored to be a part of that production.  I also continue to work with unsigned bands… locally, regionally, and around the world!  Flying to destinations, shaking hands with the band, and getting right down to recording is so cool.  I feel 2014 is going to be another great year with even more success both as a producer and artist.  I am super close to wrapping up the writing process for the first record of a project I had started some years back.  The journey has been incredible.


Life is what we make of it, and you have that decision every day you wake.