“Psycho” Weekend!!

Had the band Psycho Enhancer in the studio over the weekend – These fellas can really throw down… And may I add, they could be the only bunch of dudes on earth that are capable of creating a beer drought!!!!   On a more serious tip, they hail from “Strong Island” New York, and it is clear to see they are well on their way to a bigger arena.  They will appear in the Artist Vault soon, but if you want to check em’ out now, go to this link: http://www.reverbnation.com/psychoenhancer — I’d like to thank everyone for taking the time to explore the new site.  It’s getting such an overwhelming response.  Next week, I have my good friends from The Greatest Fear coming in to track more material.  Take a look, (and a listen) to their profile in the Artist Vault… They’re totally unique, and rich with lush melodic darkness.  Looking forward to the sessions already!!  I have a gear tip for you this week as well; Check out a plug in called “Unveil” by the company Zynaptiq.  What’s been thought to be impossible when altering your recorded audio, is actually now possible.  Paste this link and go see for yourself: http://www.zynaptiq.com/unveil/  — Hope everyone is good out there, and please come back to follow the Blog and new bands in the Vault!  Best – Joey Z