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HALF PAST MY SIN (HPMS) is a Massachusetts-based modern hard rock band with a strong melodic presence and driving beats like that of Sevendust, Disturbed, and Gemini Syndrome to name a few. The new album “4:44” that I co-produced features a powerhouse ensemble of talent with Jason M Arigoni (Sinn) on vocals, Dan Zavadil on bass, Jason Bittner of Shadows Fall on drums, and Ben Carroll of RA on guitar. Clint Lowery of Sevendust also appears as a special guest co-songwriter. Jason is one of those musicians you’d be lucky to have a chance to work with. His raw talent really bleeds all over whatever he is doing, and his personality just makes him such an easy guy to collaborate with.  He majored in Vocal Performance at Music Tech in Minneapolis, MN, now known as McNally Smith College of Music.


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KILLCODE is a five piece band based in New York City. Their unique sound is a product of their diverse influences and has been described as “Southern infused Metal / Rock with modern vocals.” KILLCODE’s songs are hooky super charged sing along Anthems with BIG Guitars and Driving Rhythms.  Forming in 2008, vocalist Tom Morrissey and guitarist Chas laid the foundation with a couple of songs they recorded at Chas’ home studio. After recruiting long time musical companion Erric Bonesmith on bass guitar, KILLCODE found its form with the addition of Pat Harrington on guitar and Rob Noxious on the drums.

In December of 2013, KILLCODE parted ways with Pat Harrington and welcomed DC Gonzalez on guitar. DC, known as lead guitarist for the rock band PANZIE, has proven to more than just fit in… his style complements what KILLCODE already had going on and it has reinvigorated the band.  I’m honored that these gents asked me to produce this latest cd… check out the clip and listen to this awesome work we’ve done together.

Present & Future…

Can’t believe it’s been a year since the storm already… I have to thank so many friends, family, fans, studio owners, music gear endorsers, and music foundations, for the outpour of support I received after loosing the studio.  This year has been amazing.  The doors that have opened since MOG “went under”, has been magical.  You can’t be afraid of change.  It helps growth and discovery.  I even feel that the studio may have been holding me back a bit.  I do have to say though, I really did love MOG, and it helped in so many different ways.   But, having the opportunity now to record clients out of any location is exciting and fun.  The studios have been great!!  My production skills have broadened.  I am comfortable and efficient under any circumstances.  One session this year that comes to mind was the one with Blondie.  Man, was she cool.  I was honored to be a part of that production.  I also continue to work with unsigned bands… locally, regionally, and around the world!  Flying to destinations, shaking hands with the band, and getting right down to recording is so cool.  I feel 2014 is going to be another great year with even more success both as a producer and artist.  I am super close to wrapping up the writing process for the first record of a project I had started some years back.  The journey has been incredible.


Life is what we make of it, and you have that decision every day you wake.



Strange Weather – Brooklyn

Not only do they have an API console and the sickest collection of vintage gear around, this studio was built from the ground up, and was recently completed in 2013. Upon entering, you’re immediately in studio bliss. This is one of my favs for sure, for both pros and locals.